Called to Serve. Proven to Perform.

Our Fellows are senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers from Green Beret, SEAL, Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment, Marine Corps Special Operations and Air Force Special Operations units. They are the military’s pro athletes with special skills and advanced degrees, ready to find the right career. SOTF provides coaching and connections to help Special Operations veterans identify, prepare and execute a personal marketing plan. We also provide unique interactive opportunities for C-Suite executives to meet and explore opportunities in small venues.

Our program is focused on service members who have been through an assessment and selection process for the units of the Special Operations Command or operational personnel from select intelligence agencies.  These service members include Navy SEALS & SWCC, MARSOC Raiders, Army Special Forces, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment aviation crew members, Army 75th Ranger Regiment, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, Air Force Combat Control Team, Pararescue and Air Force Special Operations Aviation crew members.  Applicants should be active duty or full time reservists within 12-18 months of their planned or known transition date.  We have found this is the optimal window for our services to be most effective.  Due to program demand and resource limitations, we are unable to provide support to those who have already left the service. 

Additionally, please note that our process is also focused on transitioning from military/government service to a full time civilian career with a private or publicly traded company.  Our program is not intended to or designed to support transition into Federal government (GS/SES) or defense contracting positions. 

Transition Process

00 Application

  • Verification of Service
  • SOTF Review Board Nomination
  • Fellowship conferred
01 Assessment

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Behavioral Testing
  • Profile & Value Proposition
02 Exploration

  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Networking
  • Career Targeting
03 Execution

  • Connections
  • Interview Preparation
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Offer Negotiation
04 Integration

  • First 100 Day Support
  • Alumni Network Induction

Timeline Steps 00-04

Transition from the military to private sector is a journey that can span months to more than a year. Each Fellow’s experience is his or her own. Our process helps them understand their personal value, and manage time, resources, duty responsibilities, family imperatives and interviews effectively. The path and cadence may vary, but the outcomes are built on a tried, tested and true foundation of results.
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Analytics & Assessment

Atlantic Leadership Group
Atlantic Leadership Group provides the science and analytics for successful transition into the private sector. The process starts with a custom DISC assessment and finishes with a personal value proposition for each SOF gleaned from hours of interviews.

Know Thyself is the beginning; Know Thy Value is the result.