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Since 2013, the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF), formerly operating as Your Grateful Nation (YGN), has specialized in assisting Special Operations Forces veterans with the successful transition from the service into their next great career in corporate America.

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Called to serve. Proven to perform.

Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans transition from the military into their next successful career.

The Challenge.

How to translate Special Operations Forces (SOF) skills into a value proposition that resonates with private sector hiring managers?
Special operators, by virtue of their training and combat experience, offer corporate America leadership skill sets not found anywhere else. These are best of the best.
Our job is to help inform SOF veterans and private enterprise of the value in collaboration and what each offers the other. Our goal is to prepare our Fellows to fit into business culture where they will manage high-stress situations, build teams and innovate when conditions change.

Challenge Accepted.

The Opportunity.

Companies are looking for candidates who are results-oriented and know how to win. SOF veterans are looking for their next successful career – not just a job.
High-performing, elite Special Operators bring focus, discipline, confidence, loyalty, and an ability to get things accomplished. They represent decades of successfully solving complex problems, efficiently deploying resources and making the tough decisions quickly but soundly. Their leadership and management skills they honed in the military are critically important in the business world.

Opportunity Knocks,
We’ve Answered.

The Solution.

Simply stated, after completing our SOTF Program, SOTF Fellows are Ready, Willing and Able to help sustain and scale any business or non-profit operation. We provide psychological and business aptitude testing, in conjunction with high touch mentoring and coaching. This provides our Fellows with the tools to quickly gain traction within the companies they join, and those companies are seeing tangible results.
Special Operations veterans add tremendous value to their organizations, and smart companies recognize this. As a result, they’ll want to hire more of these extraordinary individuals through SOTF.

We’ve Got the Solution.

Trained. Tested. Trusted.

SOTF Fellows know they have received the most curated transition experience possible.
Hiring Partners know they have a curated leader who can deliver unparalleled ethical and innovative results.
The classic Winning Proposition!

Called to serve. Proven to perform.

What began with a simple question over a dinner conversation between four senior executives and members of the U.S. Navy SEAL that killed Osama Bin Laden, “What are you going to do next?” has evolved into a four Phase program that curates the transition experience for Special Operators of all services. Every year since inception we have increased the numbers of Special Operator veterans supported and funds raised.

SOTF has transitioned over 500 Special Operators into over 150 of our Nation’s high performing companies distributed across America.

Meet a Fellow:
Ben Powers

Meet an Alumni:
Brad Schwartz

The height of discipline. The pinnacle of talent.

“No doubt about it, the adaptive leadership qualities that Special Operators possess add significant value to companies of all types and sizes. SOF veterans have a proven skill leading teams in challenging conditions. In fact, COVID-19 has created similar battlefield conditions for business! Today there is a correlation between SOF missions and business objectives and SOTF Fellows get it. They are doers that know how to pull teams together and get the job done. In my experience, leaders with these positive attributes are very tough to find. American businesses will benefit from working with SOTF to recruit top-level talent. I have worked with several Fellows this past year and I see first-hand the ripple effect one Fellow can have in impacting hundreds in a positive way!”

Michael P. Enright

President & CEO

“Throughout my career in Special Operations, I was challenged. From multiple combat deployments to preparing the next generation of Green Berets, I found comfort in knowing that I could count on those around me. While serving, I took for granted the teamwork and purpose the military provided. However, when I started my transition to the private sector, I realized I was ill-prepared to navigate the process alone. Fortunately, I found SOTF. They became my team and they helped me build a strategy to succeed through assessments, coaching and networking opportunities. SOTF’s tailored process helped me realize that I was not only looking for a new career but a new team as well. I found my career team when I joined Red Hat, an industry-leader in technology. I have no doubt that others will face the same challenges I did, the transition process is hard. But I can also say, it’s good to have a support team and SOTF is that team for veterans of Special Operations.”

Glenn Thomas